Battlefield of Antietam

Antietam, Maryland is the site of the bloodiest military operation in American history. About 23,000 soldiers were killed or wounded during this one-day battle. Advances in technology and outdated tactics led to this tragic number of losses.

During the Civil War in general, the combination of modern rifles with their increased accuracy in conjunction with the use of the medieval strategy of opposing parallel battle lines contributed to the unprecedented levels of carnage. Technically the battle ended in a draw with both sides withdrawing, but the battle did prevent Lee’s forces from entering Pennsylvania.

a Antietam 01

The Center Monument of Antietam

a Antietam 02

Mumma Farm and Cemetery

The Fields of Antietam

a Antietam 05

Burnside’s Bridge – The site of many Union deaths as they tried to cross to engage the Confederacy

The Strange Beauty of Antietam

a Antietam 11

A Tragic Row of the Cemetery

a Antietam 07

A Single Flag

a Antietam 06

A Sad Ending