My Favorites

My 7th Grade Class with Sr. Anita at All Saints School

Book:                                                “Doctor Zhivago” – A man that was committed, but also sensitive.

Song:                                                 “That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It”  Sometimes it’s the only thing that works.

Movie:                                              “Casablanca” – Timing is everything!

Play:                                                  “Les Miserables”

Actor:                                                Tom Hanks– Different in everything.

Actress                                              Angela Jolie – So much more than an actress

Television Drama:                      “House” – Even today, the definition of a flawed hero

City:                                                  Kyoto, Japan – So peaceful and beautiful

Sport:                                               College Basketball – in March

Sister:                                               Cathy, Leonie, and Angela – listed chronologically, of course

Food:                                                Nanny’s Lasagna

Japanese Food:                              Tonkatsu – At a great restaurant in Kyoto Station

Soup;                                                 Harira from Morocco

Dessert:                                            Cannoli – What else?

Holiday:                                          Thanksgiving – Time for family

Teacher:                                          Sister Anita – from the 7th grade at All Saints School

Principal:                                        Gene – the Ultimate “Lion” from Howard HS

Cooperating Teacher:               Jerry– from Milford Mill HS –  RIP

Time of Year:                                 Summer – What else would you expect a teacher to say?

Lastly – Special Groups

As the years passed, there were groups of students that shared a special place in my heart.  We spent many hours working, planning and simply talking together.  They will always be with me. They are…
Math Team, Class of ’80, S.H.O.P., Death Row, Lunch Buddies, Web Writers, and finally – all the “Hubs” throughout the years…

As I look over the yearbooks from each of my years teaching, I realize that there are so many students I would love to acknowledge.  Space prohibits this, but I do want each one to know that I think of them often. My proof is that I have a yearbook for each year I have taught – 45 books and still counting…

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