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Portfolio Submission for Advancement to Unlimited Status

The following is a collection of thirty-five images that I hope somehow show the scope and depth of my work in the area of ​​photography. They are organized in selective categories in order to better show their diversity.

Beauty of India

Monks of Myanmar

Poetry of Sport

Joy of Animals

Land of the Rising Sun

Simplicity of a Flower

Beauty of Baltimore

A Flying Flower



People on a Train

Children at Play


Street Photigraphy

Goal: The focus of this portfolio is to present a diversified collection of digital images, both in color and B&W. I hope you enjoy viewing them half as much as I, like any photographer, enjoyed creating them.

Note: This collection of 36 photos does not represent any of my 36 images that have been previously recognized in club competitions since my two-year plus return to the states. It is interesting that my images which were recognized by the BCC fell rather evenly across the category spectrum in terms of prints and digital.

Award: At the beginning of this year, I received the BCC’s Medal of Excellence for 2020. This was indeed an honor especially in light of the talented ensemble of artists in the club.

Last Year: Since my return from teaching in Korea, Japan, and Spain, the BCC has provided a warm way to acclimate back to American culture. I was also lucky enough to have thirty plus photos recognized in club competitions. Check out the – link –

Finally: The collection of photos on this page represents the result of something that exceeds a hobby. They showcase a way to interact with the world! They represent a form of communication that within our cyber existence is transformed into the written word. Still photographs compliment each other in a manner that make all people more aware of far-away lands and cultures. The cameras of the BCC are now the pens that record the beauty of our family, friends, and even strangers. The WEB provides the vehicle for the world to witness our love.

In Conclusion

My First Sport Photos

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