The Beauty of India in B&W

For a person with a camera, India is easily in the group of the top three countries in the world to visit. In travel photography, there are two critical elements to consider when deciding where to venture. The first relates to the physical beauty of the individual country itself.

In relation to this, let’s state the obvious first.  The Taj Mahal is the most beautiful building in the world. As a photographer, it is difficult for me to say that photos do not do it justice. It is a place that literally takes your breath away. A fantastic corollary to this is that there are many almost equal places of beauty like this throughout the country.  One will not be disappointed in the abundance of exquisite “things” in which to point your camera.

My second and perhaps more important point is the true reason to bring a camera to India. That is the people! Of all the places I have traveled, I can honestly say that there is no country that has friendlier citizens than India.  The ease with which it is to approach people in conjunction to the wide variety of colors they wear provides endless possibilities for spectacular visual images.

However, my challenge on my last visit was to try to capture this beauty, not in color, but in black and white.  Photography in B&W lays the subjects bare and shows their true inner spirit.  The absence of color allows the inner person to shine without the draping of color. I hope my mission was successful.  I trust you can see the true nature of this splendid country and its people devoid of color in these photographs.

I met many wonderful people during my visit, and I hope these simple photos allow you to see and feel in some small way what I experienced.