A “Post-Covid” Trip to the City

A visit into Baltimore would not be complete without a visit to the Inner Harbor.

At the beginning and the end of my walk along Baltimore Street, I met two interesting people. Each time we talked for several minutes, and then I asked them to move out of the sun for a photo. A great experience…

A walk down Baltimore Street would not be complete without an image of the infamous 2 O’clock Club.

Colorful People of Baltimore. The woman in stripes was a lot of fun!

The Historic Constellation of 1855

A man relaxing on a wall and a great couple I met after lunch.

A businessman relaxing in the afternoon. We both could not believe what a beautiful day it was.

After I took the photo of the couple with the girl doing a balancing act, we all had a laugh as she almost dropped it.

The last person I met was a photographer from Georgia. We became Facebook friends.

Finally a stop by the Holocaust Memorial

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