This collection is the result of my major travels  around Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa.  As the years pass, it is more apparent to me than ever  that our world is a rather small place, and it would be a shame to miss any part of it.

a aBeginning 01snallBelgium and its Neighbors

Bermuda-CropBlue Skies of Bermuda

ChefchaouenThe Charm of Chefchaouen

Morocco 1Magnificent Morocco

Asia-CropWonders of Asia

Ausrailia-CropSummer of Australia

Japan-CropBeauty of Japan

MidEast-CropThe Middle East

Lisbon-CropThanksgiving in Lisbon

India-CropThe Mystery of India

Myanmar-CropColors of Myanmar

Shikoku-CropThe Island of Shikoku

Kyoto4-CropThe Culture of Kyoto

Kyoto3-CropChristmas in Kyoto

Naga-CropNagasaki by the Sea

Sendaai-CropSpring Break in Sendai

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