Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands

Outdoors in Brussels

b Brussels 6a

A Mall in Brussels

And Monuments

b Brussels 8

 Beauty of Antwerp

c Antwerp 01

Joy of the Gay Pride Parade

c Antwerp 02

Fun on the Streets

High Sculptures


d Luxembourg 01

Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

General George S. Patton and 5,076 American service members are buried here mostly   resulting from the nearby Battle of the Bulge.

e Patton 01

Secrets of Dinant

f Dinant 00

Simplicity of Ghent

Wonders of Bruges – The Venice of the North

h Bruiges 03

Magnificent Amsterdam

i Amsterdam 00

The House of Anne Frank

And Animals Everywhere

Churches Also

Miscellaneous Sights

And People Everywhere


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