I have been a high school math teacher for 45 years in 11 schools in 4 countries.  My teaching career began in Baltimore City and Howard County, Maryland, I then took the adventurous step and began teaching for DoDDS (Department of Defense Dependent Schools) in Asia.  My first four years were in Daegu, Korea, and the following nine occurred in Okinawa, Yokosuka, and Zama, Japan.  For my last year I had an apartment on the southern coast of Spain overlooking the Atlantic while teaching in the historic town of Roda.  Presently I am back in Maryland teaching at Howard Community College.

Being a math teacher is my vocation, my passion, and my reason for getting out of bed each morning. However, photography, provides me with a sense of purpose and relaxation during those non-student hours. Recording the wonders of Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa has been both a joy and a challenge.

My camera!  While I travel, my faithful Canon is my trusted companion.  She keeps me company on long walks and helps me meet interesting people along the way.  This small black box has provided me with many fond memories of the places and people I have encountered throughout the world.  She has never let me down.    🙂

The links below refer to a few experiences over the years that have had an influential impact on my life. They either relate to situations I have lived through, special people I have encountered, or stories that have motivated me. Each in its own way has contributed something special to my life.

Projects & Happenings in My Life

a Kristin 005-SMKristin – My Godchild

a Clifton 003-smClifton Mansion Photo Shoot

lesterMy Family and the Military

DeMathal-CropSeminary Days

a FallenHeros 008 sm
Fallen Heroes Day

Teacher Appreciation Week

a hiroshima 029 smHiroshima – City of Peace

BCC Logo 4-smRevisiting the Past

Fatima-CropFatima of the Streets

Jaipur-CropThe Princess of Jaipur

Kyoto-CropMy Irish Pub in Kyoto

India2-CropManikarnika Ghat

Metro 9aKanagawa International Association

Kyoto2-CropMy Favorites

ASA-CropMilitary Undertaking

Wedding-CropA Wedding Photographer for a Day






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