Career in Education

Timely Reflections

After receiving several beautiful messages from former students during this special week of Teacher Appreciation, I decided to spend some time reflecting on my time standing in front of a class.  When I look into a mirror, the thing I see first is me, the teacher.   Teaching is more than a part of my life.  It has become synomious with my life.

Spending four plus decades in a classroom has filled my life with a collage of memories.  Thousands of young people have intersected my life and added true riches to my existence.  I am the person I am today primarily because of the young bodies seated in my classroom.

The focus of the thoughts below is to quantify and qualify my experiences.  My years are filled with a flood of memories, and below is a snapshot of my time in the classroom.

Career Checklist

  • Years Teaching –  45
  • Schools Taught – 11
  • Countries Teaching – 4
  • Principals – 18
  • Levels Taught – High Schools, 9 & Middle Schools, 2
  • Subjects Taught – Mathematics, Computer Science, & Computer Technology
  • Stateside Districts Taught – Baltimore City, 11 years and Howard County, MD, 20 years, DoDEA-14 years
  • DoDDS Locations – Daegu, Korea; Okinawa, Yokosuka & Zama in Japan; and Rota, Spain
  • Adjunct Faculty – Math teacher for 10 years at Howard Community College
  • Students Taught – Approximately 7,000  fantastic young people
  • Clubs Sponsored – Photography, S.H.O.P, (Students Helping Other People), NHS, SGA, Web Writers: and Computer Repair
  • Yearbooks – Have a beautiful collection  of yearbooks representing  each of my years in the classroom.
  • Yearbook Joy – Supplied various school Yearbook staffs a broad collection of student, club, and sport photos.
  • Favorite Summer ActivitiesProject Access – A federally  funded program at Howard Community College designed to assist special students into the transition to college & Georgetown University Summer Program – An international program for  students from all over the world designed to introduce them to college in America.
  • School Year ‘88/89 – Represented Maryland with her sister-state of Kanagawa in Japan for a work-study year where I studied math education in Japanese High Schools.

Scholastic Highlights

  • The Class of 1980 – Class sponsor of a great group of young students who accomplished so much during their high school life.  The class President is now a bishop in Baltimore!
  • Supervisor of Mathematics – Served as secondary math supervisor for Howard County in Maryland.
  • Travels – Teaching has allowed me to visit five continents and over 40 countries around the world.
  • Student’s Students  – Have taught children of former students and also taught along side young teachers who were former students.
  • Student Couples – I have actually had many high school couples who got married and  are still married today with families of their own.
  • Facebook – This has allowed me to regain and maintain contact with hundreds of my former students,  Even though they will always be young teenagers in my eyes, one is an astronaut, several are physicians, many are engineers, a bunch are teachers, and some are even brave enough to be school administrators.  They have all grown up!
  • On the Sad Side– It is with a heavy heart that I say that too many of the lives of my young students ended way too early.  Some have died as the result of war, and others from simply being on the wrong street at the wrong time.  Unfortunately, disease has taken its toll on way too many.  On a happier note, my former students have themselves produced thousands of potential new young students.
  • Finally – While it has been a true joy meeting, interacting and learning from all my students over the years, it has also been my salvation knowing and working along side so many great and motivating teachers.  My colleagues over the years have been an inspiration to me during the more difficult times.  I do not think I could have survive if it were not for the support of all my fellow teachers.
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