Architecture in B&W

This is a collection that is a little out of my comfort zone, but it was fun to put together. My favorite genre in photography is that of the Environmental Portrait. This involves interacting with perfect strangers on the street and trying to have my camera capture some aspect of their personality.  It is my passion!
However, this portfolio deals with the inanimate. The issue with buildings relates to things that are in many ways out of the control of the photographer.  Items such as weather, light, and crowds are the major photographic concerns. It is a challenge!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images of some interesting “things” around the world.
A mosque on a hill in Cairo
Trump Tower in New York
The Inner Harbor of Baltimore
Clock of Sydney
New York from across the East River
Shinjuku Statin n Tokyo
Ground Zero in New York
Times Square in New York
Buildings along the Sumida River in Tokyo
Cathedral of Lisbon
Landmark Tower of Yokohama
A Hillside in Portugal
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