Beauty of Street Photography

Below are a few of our images for your review to give you a better understanding of the nature of our photography.  Personally, I try to capture intimate portraits of perfect strangers, while Sandy strives to showcase interactions between people and their environment.

Portraits of Strangers by Charles Levie

Life on the Street by Sandy Nichols

Data shows that when people walk through a museum that is displaying landscape or nature photographs, they tend to peruse the gallery rather quickly, spending only a few seconds on each image. However, with Black and White Street Photography, the public gets caught up subliminally with the mood. They tend at a very basic level to identify with the subject and strive to understand what the people in the images are feeling or thinking. Street Photography is a powerful medium that relates at a very basic level with the viewer.
We hope you will find our proposal both beneficial and relevant for your gallery.

Thank You

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