Bi-Photo Fridays

The Enjoyment of Photo Projects:  Every day now for over 700 days I have been posting a photo on Instagram. After breakfast, this is my first joy and challenge of the day. However, besides these daily Instagram posts, I started a weekly post on FB, “Bi-Photo Friday.”

These posts deal with photos that somehow work best with a buddy. The big positive with a posting project is that is forces one to review past images and find some joy in the work you previously passed over. This page is devoted to my 52 weekly Bi-Photo Posts.

a Friday 01

Bi-Photo Friday – #1: The Two Kinds of People

a Friday 02

Bi-Photo Friday – #2: BFF’sa Friday 03

Bi-Photo Friday – #3: Marriage (Modern or Traditional)

a Friday 04

Bi-Photo Friday – #4: The Photographer (Crossing all ages)

a Friday 05.jpg

Bi-Photo Friday – #5: True Individuals

a Friday 06

Bi-Photo Friday – #6: What’s behind you?

a Friday 07

Bi-Photo Friday – #7: Love

a Friday 08

Bi-Photo Friday – #8: Hair Buddies

a Friday 09

Bi-Photo Friday – #9: Studious Students

a Friday 10

Bi-Photo Friday – #10: Buildings of Tokyo






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