Bi-Photo Fridays

The Enjoyment of Photo Projects

Every day now for almost 700 days I have been posting a photo on Instagram. After breakfast, this is my first joy and challenge of the day. However, besides these daily Instagram posts, I started a weekly post a year ago on FB called “Bi-Photo Friday.”

These double posts deal with photos that somehow work best with a buddy. The big positive with any posting project is that it forces the photographers to review past images and find some joy in the work they previously passed over.

This page is devoted to my 52 weekly Bi-Photo Posts. Enjoy…

a Friday 01

Bi-Photo Friday – #1: The Two Kinds of People

a Friday 02

Bi-Photo Friday – #2: BFF’s, From Japan and Spain

a Friday 03

Bi-Photo Friday – #3: Marriage (Modern or Traditional)

a Friday 04

Bi-Photo Friday – #4: The Photographer (Crossing all ages)

a Friday 05.jpg

Bi-Photo Friday – #5: True Individuals

a Friday 06

Bi-Photo Friday – #6: What’s behind you?

a Friday 07

Bi-Photo Friday – #7: Love

a Friday 08

Bi-Photo Friday – #8: Hair Buddies

a Friday 09

Bi-Photo Friday – #9: Studious Students

a Friday 10

Bi-Photo Friday – #10: Buildings of Tokyo

a Friday 11

Bi-Photo Friday – #11:  Distant Relatives
The Snow Monkeys of Japan

a Friday 12

Bi-Photo Friday – #12: Bridges over Still Waters
From Seville and Tokyo

a Friday 13

Bi-Photo Friday – #13: Modern fun-loving women from Nagasaki and traditional women in Kyoto wearing time-honored kimonos

a Friday 14

Bi-Photo Friday – #14: The Beauty and Colors of India

a Friday 15

Bi-Photo Friday – #15: Not BFF’s –
But FFF’s – Fowl Feathered Friends

a Friday 16

Bi-Photo Friday – #16:  High Flying Young Women

a Friday 17

Bi-Photo Friday – #17:  Saint Patrick’s Day in Tokyo

a Friday 18

Bi-Photo Friday – #18: Beauty – Modern and Traditional

a Friday 19

Bi-Photo Friday – #19: The Inner Harbor of Baltimore from 35 plus years ago and then from simply a few years ago

a Friday 20

Bi-Photo Friday – #20: Mother and Child

a Friday 21

Bi-Photo Friday – #21: The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Wall of China
One may argue which is number one, but these two ancient sights are the top two wonders in our world today. (My opinion 😊 )

a Friday 22

Bi-Photo Friday – #22: The Universal Kiss – A wedding couple in Washington D.C. and another half the world away in Tokyo, Japan.

a Friday 23

Bi-Photo Friday – #23:  Relaxing on a Park Bench – Two Influential Figures. Pablo Picasso at his birthplace in Málaga, Spain, and George Mason, Father of the Bill of Rights, in Washington, D.C.

a Friday 24

Bi-Photo Friday – #24: Baltimore’s Best– Busted. Last year I attended the “Fallen Heroes” ceremony to honor the lives of police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the city. While there I took photos of the Police Commissioner of Baltimore, Darryl De Sousa, and the Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh. Both have since been forced to resign in disgrace. De Sousa for federal tax evasion, and Pugh for accepting $800,000 in book sales from a company that the city then awarded a multimillion-dollar contract. Hopefully, a new beginning…

a Friday 25

Bi-Photo Friday – #25: Guardians of the Gates in Japan

a Friday 26

Bi-Photo Friday – #26: Young Monks of Myanmar –
Relaxing and Working

a Friday 27

Bi-Photo Friday – #27:  A cute little boy and girl in Jaipur, India

a Friday 28

Bi-Photo Friday – #28: My number 3 and 4 sights to see in our world today: The ivory-white marble mausoleum of Taj Mahal of Agra, India, arguably the most beautiful building in the world and Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

a Friday 29

Bi-Photo Friday – #29: Two children from Cambodia

a Friday 30

Bi-Photo Friday – #30: A Maryland Cowboy and Cowgirl

a Friday 31

Bi-Photo Friday – #31:  Beautiful Doors of Spain and Portugal

a Friday 32

Bi-Photo Friday – #32: The Eyelashes Have it!

a Friday 33

Bi-Photo Friday – #33: Bottoms Up!

a Friday 34

Bi-Photo Friday – #34: Umbrellas: Traditional and Modern

a Friday 35

Bi-Photo Friday – #35: Helping Hands

a Friday 36

Bi-Photo Friday – #36: Traditional Archery of Japan –
Robin Hood would be jealous! 😊

a Friday 37

Bi-Photo Friday – #37:  The Beauty and Fun of  Little Girls,
whether in Baltimore or Myanmar

a Friday 38

Bi-Photo Friday – #38: Politics at the Fair

a Friday 39

Bi-Photo Friday – #39: Some Things in Japan Surpass Explanation

a Friday 40

Bi-Photo Friday – #40: True Individuals, Regardless of Age

a Friday 41

Bi-Photo Friday – #41: Men in Uniform of Japan

a Friday 42

Bi-Photo Friday – #42: Reading on a Train

a Friday 43

Bi-Photo Friday – #43: Braids around the World –
From Baltimore and Kyoto

a Friday 44

Bi-Photo Friday – #44: Samurai – Young and Old

a Friday 45

Bi-Photo Friday – #45: Wrestling around the World

a Friday 46

Bi-Photo Friday – #46: Photographers – Modern and Traditional

a Friday 47

Bi-Photo Friday – #47: Fun with Face Paint

a Friday 48

Bi-Photo Friday – #48: Big Cats from Around the World
Luke, an African Lion from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and Pasha, a White Indian Tiger from the Singapore Zoo in Southern Asia. 

a Friday 49

Bi-Photo Friday – #49: Flags of the Neighborhood

a Friday 49

Bi-Photo Friday – #50: Fun with Hair in Tokyo and Baltimore

a Friday 51

Bi-Photo Friday – #51: Bull Riding at the County Fair

a Friday 52

Bi-Photo Friday – #52: Cars in Bars
A VW in a bar in Rota, Spain and General MacArthur’s Cadillac in a bar in Machida, Japan

This concludes my one year endeavor in the pursuit of finding a collection of photos that somehow relate.  It was definitely a mixture of fun and work,. My hope is that you enjoyed it.

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