Glenelg in the Fall

Life of a Gladiator

A Student’s Day

School begins bright and early in the morning. Upon arrival, students can often be found catching up on required work for the day.


Football is a hard-hitting sport, and the students of Glenelg take it seriously. The stands quickly fill with exuberant students and families supporting their team.

The Marching Band

The marching band is perhaps the highlight of every home game. The triumphal entry into the stadium at halftime is only surpassed by the subsequent thrilling musical performance.


Fall sports move indoors for the athletic grace of volleyball. The precision of the three-pronged attack often culminates in a high-flying spike to secure the win.

The Cheerleaders

What would Friday night football be without this athletic group of young women cheering and motivating the team? They provide flips, jumps, and even human pyramids to the enjoyment of all.

Boys Soccer

Soccer requires a conditioning that arguably exceeds that of all other sports. The speed and endurance of the boys of Glenelg are examples to all of their dedication and training.

Pep Rally

The Homecoming Pep Rally is easily one of the high points of the school year. The students dress in their class colors, and the various teams and organizations present a lively display of their talents.

Field Hockey

The teamwork in field hockey is a joy for all to witness. Running full-out while controlling a small ball on the turf is a feat not easily mastered. The girl Gladiators exhibit total mastery here.

The Parade

The Gladiator Parade is a much anticipated event in the Glenelg community. The student groups march through the neighborhood playing their music and throwing candy out to the young children who eagerly line up along the way.

Girls Soccer

The speed and grace of girls soccer is only surpassed by their force and determination exhibited with their running and passing. This teamwork is showcased consistently throughout the game as they fight their way through an array of opposing players.

The Homecoming Dance

The climax of Homecoming week is of course the dance. Over a thousand students can be found dancing in the main gym, or playing games in the auxiliary gym, or finally having refreshments in the courtyard. Fun was had by all!

Finally, Going Home

After a long and exhausting day, the students of Glenelg board their buses for the peaceful ride home – only to prepare for another full, fun, and exhausting day tomorrow.
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