B&O Railroad Museum

The Central Maryland Photography Guild, CMPG, sponsored a day outing to the B&O Museum in Baltimore last month.  Looking at the old trains of the past felt like an actual trip to that past.  After having spent many years living in Japan and navigating the Japan Railways Group (JR) helped me to place these “ancient” B&O engines in perspective.  Innovations of the last century…

a B&O 15



Travelling from city to city in Japan on the ultra-modern  Shinkansen, know in the West as the Bullet Train, helped cement these functioning relics in history.  The almost 200 mph does overshadow the steam engine’s 70 mph, but there something mystic in these old engines.

a B&O 09

The Ceiling of the Museum



The museum even had a couple elaborate model train gardens.

a B&O 02


A Final Overview

a B&O 18

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