Math Lab III Syllabus


TEXT: College and Carer Ready Modules

zzz9David Glasgow Farragut

Major Concepts/Content:  Math Lab III is designed to meet the individual needs of the students as they progress through an Algebra II and Geometry curricula.  Individual attention can be given to each student to insure their success in these rigorous courses. The purpose is to review and strengthen the students’ algebraic mechanics and problem solving skills.

Common Core: The focus of Common Core is the student understanding of complex mathematical concepts. It is this connection of mathematical formulas and theories to real-life application and reasoning that drives the curriculum. Its goal is to transcend the prior limited academic study of mathematics and prepare students for the real-life experience of mathematics as described by “College and Career Readiness.”zzz7Major Evaluative Techniques: Evaluative processes will be very basic for this course.  The student is simply required to give his or her best throughout each period.  For  midterm and quarter grades, an individual conference will occur between teacher and student where they will determine the grade deerved.

Tardy Policy:  This is a very important course in mathematics, and students are required to be in class, on time and prepared to learn.  Students will be marked tardy if they arrive to class without their textbook, notebook, or pencil.

Requirements:  Students are required to bring their Algebra II books and Geometry Modules  with notes to each class in order that the teacher can review their progress.

Note Taking: One piece of preparing for high school and college is to take appropriate notes in class. Rare is the student who takes well organized notes who is unsuccessful in class.  Parents are encouraged to periodically check their child’s notebook for organization and neatness.

Tutoring / Extra help: If students require more assistance, they are encouraged to schedule time for extra help during their seminar period.

GradeSpeed: This is a web-based program that enables parents and students to log-in to view grade and attendance data for the student. Both parents and students are encouraged to monitor the student’s academic progress often. Parents must register at: to establish a personal GradeSpeed access account.

Contact: If there is an issue or concern, parents are encouraged to email me.

Finally, the Ultimate Goal:


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