People of the District

– Encounters from a Day in Our Capital –

It was the first week of school, and tomorrow I would be subbing for an old friend at my neighborhood high school. What should I do? How about playing tourist for a day in Washington, DC. Surprisingly, there were no crowds, and all went rather smoothly. I also managed to meet many interesting people. Some of them you will see below. Enjoy…

At two different locations, I ran into two small military groups. One was involved in a reenlistment ceremony for a young female soldier, while the other dealt with a promotion celebration for a naval officer. The two military members above were the coordinators of the events. It was fun talking with them about the military today.

Surprisingly, there were very few people at the Capitol. The two capitol policemen were great though.

Met these two guys off the main roads. The first was relaxing on a small street in Chinatown, while the other was just enjoying the warm weather not far from the White House.

This group from outside the White House definitely chose an easier way to tour DC as compared to my many hours of walking. I was a little envious!

These two men were really interesting. I bought a drink from the first, and we just then began talking. I am not sure where the idea of taking a picture of him counting money came from, but we both enjoyed it.

These two had previously passed me by as I was taking a few photos, so I decided why not take theirs.

These were two interesting men. I encountered the first outside the Vietnam Memorial while the latter was in front of the White House. The Vietnam veteran and I had a long discussion about our different experiences so many years prior.

Sights like this were common, but still cute!

Whether reading a book or searching a smart phone, each is enjoying the beauty of the day.

Reflections of Visitors to the Fallen

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