Sakura – 2017

A beautiful couple at Shinjuku Gyoen

a TK Sakura 001

The Sakura were late, but still beautiful as they entered the world.

The joy of the arrival

A bride in red to keep out of the chilly air

Dancers at a sakura festival

A neighborhood park

Enjoying the blossoms

a TK Sakura 022

The Sakura

Blossoms – Little girls everywhere would rather play in a puddle.

While visiting the sakura at the Yasukuni Shrine, we came across an interesting elderly gentleman. This shrine is the controversial war memorial shrine of Tokyo where the monks maintain and honor a list of over two million men and women who have died in war.   The controversial issue is that within this list are about a thousand who are considered war criminals.

Two singers from a festival in Zama

a TYK Meji 002

Meiji Jingu

Bride at Harajuku

Fun in Yoyogi Koen

The adults were enjoying the sakura but the children would rather just climb.  If you are picnicking with your college friends, do not fall asleep.  No telling what will get stuffed in your pants.  🙂

a TK Jim 007

Hanami  – Picnicking under the Sakura:  Eating and drinking with friends

Sakura along the Sumida-Gawa in Tokyo

a TK Jim 010

Geisha by the river

The sakura of Ueno Park

People of Ueno

The quiet park of Kitanomaru

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