Sowebo Festival

The Sowebo Festival (South West Baltimore) is a community affair in a very diversified neighborhood of the city. It is an all day celebration where everyone  relaxes and has a fantastic time.  It was a joy to be part of the Baltimore Camera Club’s booth where I was able to show some of my photos.

a Sowebo 000

Some of the Vendors

a Sowebo 009


The children had the most fun.


My favorite little Girl – She was with her friends, and her mom was taking their picture. After talking to the mom, I knelt down beside her, and began taking pictures of this beautiful little one.  After a few seconds, the girl simply began posing and just walked towards me. Her mom and I just laughed.  She was so cute…


Some of the Art Work


A Couple more Vendors


Some Interesting Women

a Sowebo 024


The Baltimore Camera Club’s Booth

a Sowebo 045

My Fellow Photographers and friends


My Favorite Couple

a Sowebo 028

A Couple Neat Guys


And the Hats


Some People just Relaxing

a Sowebo 014


Even Dogs had a Good Time

a Sowebo 035

My Favorite Mother  and Child

a Sowebo 022

The Bands Played

a Sowebo 031


Some Just Relaxed in the Bar


Fun on the Streets



Finally, my Favorite Festival-Goer

a Sowebo 025

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