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My Teaching Schedule

A1 Planing B1 Math 7
A2 Math 7 B2 Math 7
Lunch Lunch
Daily 3 Creative Thinking Daily  3 Creative Thinking
A4 Math Support 7 B4 Planning
Seminar Seminar

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General Information

My Room Temp #5
School Colors Blue and White
School Mascott  Admirals
Grades at DGF 6-12
Enrollment Approx. 350
School Phone  +34-956-82-4181/3
Phone (DSN) (314) 727 4181/3
School Address PSC 819 Box 63
FPO, AE 09645-0005

ROTA MHS Vision Statement: We empower all students at DGF ROTA MHS to learn to their maximum potential and to become productive, responsible members of a dynamic, global society. All stakeholders are committed to providing a rigorous, standards-based curriculum in a nurturing and safe environment.

ROTA MH School Goals

CSI Goal 1: All students will increase their proficiency in Critical Reading through improvement in Annotating the text in all content areas.

CSI Goal 2: All students will increase their proficiency in Math Problem Solving through use of Non-Linguistic Organizers in all content areas.

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zzz42School Calendar

zzz43Bell Schedule

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