Spring Break in Sendai

02Miyagi Prefecture from the Shinkansen

03Skunk Cabbage (mizu bashoo) from a swamp in the mountains
04Pretty in Pink 05Flying High07Rock Carving at a Cemetery 08An island of Matsushima Bay 09A very friendly  gull10aNiojima Island (Face of a Deva King) of Matsushima Bay

a Sendai 09aA rainy and foggy day in the mountains

13Cave carvings 14aA friendly fox from Zao Fox Village 16A common  sight of statues in red outside a shrine17Kyoshi dolls from a small shop in Miyagi18Symmetry19A Tori gate at the entrance to shrine in Sendai 20Castle of  Shiroishi21Pretty in Pink – Again    🙂 22A beautiful shrine23A black fox 24Sakura at the entrance 25Top of a Tori 25aThe base of a statue that was destroyed during the earthquake of 3/1126Used Containers of Saki  🙂

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